Corey Whelan

Local punk kid who really dislikes being a werewolf.



  • Character Name: Corey Whelan
  • Character Type: White Hat
  • Description: Unknowingly a werewolf from a cursed magical family who’d really like to push past all that shit and get into art school and become super famous.
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5’9"
  • Weight: 155 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Naturally black, currently green.
  • Personality: Generally unpleasant and quiet.
  • Strength: Fighting Through Adversity, Scorn
  • Weaknesses: Silver, Fear of Rejection, Unpopular, Listening to Authority Figures
  • Romantic Interests: Fuck Off
  • Role Within The Group: Resident Asshole; Brilliant Artist/Researcher
  • Short-Term Goals: Finish Fucking High School, Jesus Christ.
  • Long-Term Goals: Go to art school; figure out this werewolf shit; figure out what was up with mom and her crazy ass family.
  • Life Points: 38 / 62
  • Drama Points: 20
  • Experience Points: 0
  • Attributes:
    Strength 2/6; Dexterity 3/5; Constitution 2/4; Intelligence 4; Perception 2; Willpower 4
  • Skills:
    Art 5; Computers 1; Crime 2; Driving 1; Knowledge 4; Kung Fu 1; Languages 1; Mr. Fix-It 1; Notice 2; Occultism 1; Science 1
  • Qualities:
    Artist (2); Attractiveness (2); Hard To Kill (4); Nerves of Steel (3); Contacts (1); The Sight (3); Acute Sense, Taste/Smell (free)
  • Drawbacks:
    Werewolf (3); Emotional Problems, Fear of Rejection (1); Misfit (2); Teenager (2); Magical Family (1); Recurring Nightmares (1)
  • Combat Manuevers:
    Punch – 4 + d10 – Base Damage: 4 (Bash)
    Kick – 3 + d10 – Base Damage: 5 (Bash)
    Take Down – 3 + d10 – Base Damage: 2 (Bash, Knockdown)
    Claw (Wolfed-Out) – 6 + d10 – Base Damage: 12 (Slash)
    Bite (Wolfed-Out) – 6 + d10 – Base Damage: 12 (Stab)
  • Equipment:
    Combat boots; leather jacket with lots of studs and patches and pins; assortment of punk band t-shirts; guitar; art supplies; shock-value hoodies; rusty Oldsmobile.
  • Allies/Contacts:
    Vinnie B – Drug Dealer
  • Notes:
    Natural Toughness Quality when wolfed-out. Armor 1 when wolfed-out. 2 actions when wolfed-out.


Growing Up

CoreywhelanCorey was born in Toledo, Ohio. His mother and father were both from Chicago, having moved to Ohio to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and settle into somewhere slightly more prone towards raising a family. He’s the youngest of three, with two sisters who have since moved out of the city.

His oldest sister, Aoife, attended college at Wellesley College in Massachusetts; she attained a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Aoife has since been accepted by and has begun attending the University of North Carolina to pursue graduate studies in folklore. Her baccalaureate thesis was on a comparison of death rituals throughout central Europe. She’s on her last year of her master’s degree.

His other sister, Keira, is still in Ohio. She’s now a junior at Ohio State University in Columbus. Keira’s major is in film; she plans on one day becoming a director. She finds her brother and sister rather morbid. She was fairly popular in high school. Both sisters attended the same high school as Corey. Aoife set a fairly bad example and, despite Keira being a sterling student who managed to balance sports and education without cracking under pressure, Aoife’s example still remains.

Corey grew up a few houses down from Opal. The two of them were fairly good friends in elementary and the first part of middle school. They would often eat lunch together and would play together after school. Corey had several other friends, but considered Opal to be his best friend, even though he got made fun of for always playing with a girl. He was used to it, having grown up with two sisters. He would often draw pictures of things for Opal and give them to her, which started his life-long obsession with art.

As the smart, gangly kid, Corey didn’t get a lot of respect in his earlier days except from the friends he made on his street. During his early years, he was fairly gregarious and wasn’t a typical bookworm. He spent more time outside than he did inside – part of this was on account of his mother’s rule that no other children were to be allowed inside of the house, which he dutifully followed.

Adolescence and Turmoil

Corey During middle school, Opal blossomed into the young woman she would become while Corey was a late-bloomer. She became pretty and popular and she stopped spending time around him, leaving Corey in a lurch. He spent most of his later middle school years alone.

Shortly after the friendship with Opal ended, Corey’s mother was killed in an accident. To date, Corey has no clue how his mother died. Upon questioning his father, he simply feigned ignorance and gave his usual, “It was just her time to go,” spiel. His sisters attended the funeral; Keira, three years Corey’s senior, was still in high school at the time. Aoife flew in from Massachusetts to be with the family. She introduced her brother to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson from her old CD collection, and he became incredibly invested in their music, eventually seeking out other bands new and old, like Skinny Puppy, Joy Division, the Sex Pistols and so on. He would often paint scenes from his dreams and things that he’d “seen,” which turned out to be nightmarish horrors. These were often submitted to class as assignments.

Following that, Corey’s fate was sealed. He would forever be the weird punk kid. Flowering into a punky goth before the clique really had a chance to start in his generation, he often sat alone at school and listened to his headphones while eating lunch. He didn’t participate in any activities, but still turned in stellar work. He would often remain silent in class. Many students were fairly supportive of Corey and Keira after their mother died. It propelled Keira’s popularity, in that she could overcome the adversity and keep on working at school and volleyball despite the problems at home. Corey never really got over it, which singled him out for extra abuse from the local bullies, who considered him to be weak on account of that.

While he might not have been the best fighter, he certainly wasn’t against fighting the people who picked on him. He was suspended at least three times for fighting, and was nearly expelled for fracturing a kid’s arm in his freshman year of high school after stomping on it with steel-toed combat boots. His father argued against the expulsion and said that he was simply protecting himself. The high school reluctantly let him stay. After that, Corey attracted the attention of the local punk and goth scene.

Corey: The Goth Year(s?)

Corey During Corey’s freshman year of high school, his height exploded and he filled out. He became lithe and quick, and became almost entirely invested in his artwork. Keira earned grant money and a scholarship to Ohio State University both through a school film project she’d made and her volleyball skills. Corey attempted to connect with Keira on an artistic level, which was really the only way the two of them could communicate effectively. Otherwise, they were far too different to really speak with one another.

When Aoife came out of the closet, she told Corey about it first. As she expected, he was the easiest person to talk to in the family regarding her sexuality, despite the general ick-factor of thinking about her engaging in any sort of sexual act. However, Corey and Aoife told their father, Sean, together. He did not take the news well, which caused some strife within the family. Corey became more insular and quiet.

The underclassman years in high school were the most telling of Corey’s eventual character. He had a couple girlfriends and, while he did the usual “bad seed” activities that most of his friends did (like smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc.), he didn’t let it get completely out of control. During the early, more tumultuous years, he began to exhibit strange symptoms at school. Occasionally, he would simply get sick and explain that he’d smelled something that turned his stomach. He refused to eat the cafeteria food, claiming that it tasted far, far worse than anything they’d ever eaten.

He would often disappear for several days at a time without explanation. This seemed to happen every month; the school guidance counselors assumed drugs, and when Corey would come into school bruised and sometimes with cuts on his body, he was often sent to the principal’s office to discuss his situation at home. An investigation was done on his home life, which proved to be fairly fruitless. His father, while a distant widower who didn’t know how to handle his children, was not a violent man, nor did he show any of the usual signs of bad parenting. There was some question of the books that the family kept, but they were heirlooms on Corey’s mother’s side. David Whelan was loathe to get rid of them.

The main issue that Corey had leading up to his upperclassman years was his sudden interest in the macabre. His friends were mostly older than him, usually having graduated high school or attending college at the University of Toledo. He was invited to several parties and gatherings that would have shocked his family and engaged in strange debauchery.

This is when Corey first spotted someone that was somewhat “off.” He had no real clue what it meant, but he had an incredibly bad feeling about someone, to the degree where he briefly questioned whether or not they were really human. Not whether they were there, but whether they were a human being. The person in question was a tall, broad-shouldered man with a European look about him. He was at almost every gathering that Corey attended in his Sophomore year of high school, and was almost always surrounded by a gaggle of young goth girls.

When one of the goth girls that spent time around that man turned up dead, Corey stopped going to the gatherings and parties. Around the end of his Sophomore year, his mother’s sister contacted the family and got back in touch with them, staying with them for several months. She looked through the family’s book collection, and would often talk to Corey about his beliefs and philosophies. During one of his disappearing acts, his aunt followed him. When she returned to the house, she immediately made an excuse and left. The family hasn’t seen her since.

Present Day

Corey4 In his Junior year of high school, Corey has established a place for himself among the misfits and dispossessed youth. He’s often the go-to for underclassmen looking to try to find a place for themselves. He’s become bitter and cynical, often prone towards silence. He harbors a deep fear of rejection, so tends to stay away from engaging too thoroughly with the opposite sex. Often, he’ll have a girlfriend briefly – some hanger-on that he’s thrown a bone, but no one that he’s actually interested in.

Vastly intelligent and blessed with a sharp wit, Corey maintains incredibly good grades in all classes except for P.E. He has a deal worked out with the coach where he’ll walk around the track during team sports days, and will often write out long, detailed histories of the sports and provide them to the physical education teacher. Despite his social standing, he’s very tenacious when he wants something, which usually lends itself to working out in his favor – except in situations purely social.

It’s rumored that he has connections to drug dealers in town, and can generally get whatever anyone wants. Thus, he’s usually the guy people ask about drugs. Often, he just laughs it off. However, there have been a few times that he’s acted as a go-between to hook someone up with weed or pills. He smokes infrequently, but it’s not really a habit.

He still spends most of his time working on his art. After having branched out to other mediums, he learned how to play the guitar. Occasionally, he’ll play with another group of punks in a band called Rosa Parks’ Revenge. They’re a hardcore thrash punk band. His heart really isn’t into playing the guitar, and hasn’t learned anything more complex than typical thrash chord progression.

Corey is in several AP classes, including History, Art and English. He has taken a few college-level classes, which count towards his high school diploma and towards his collegiate hours when he does get into school. These are just general freshman requirement classes, like English and Sociology. He’s also already completed his college math requirement; considering his absolute hatred for math, this is likely a good thing. He’s currently being courted by several art schools, from LAC-Art to the more local Columbus College of Art and Design. While his father is somewhat supportive of his career as an artist, he does hope that his son will go on to use his skills in architecture, instead of attempting to find work as an actual artist.

Within The Group


(Jess’ Character’s Name)

(Ceejay’s Character’s Name)

The Supernatural

Prior Experience

Considering that Corey was cursed with lycanthropy due to his family lineage, he does have some experience with the supernatural. He knows that there’s something not quite right about him; as stated, he’s also seen other people who aren’t quite right. Like many of his family members (on his mother’s side), he’s gifted with The Sight, and can sense and see magic when it happens if he concentrates. He doesn’t understand it, but it happens.

Primarily, he uses that to his advantage in regards to art. Often, he spends time in places he really shouldn’t go, painting pictures of things that most people shouldn’t see. This has been going on for a couple years, but he’s really been interested in capturing the supernatural in an artistic medium since the Sight first manifested itself when he was in middle school. He’s relatively new to being a werewolf, as the curse finally came about when he’d turned fifteen. While he doesn’t quite understand the gravity of the situation, he does understand that there’s really little explanation for some of the situations he ends up in. After all, one can only wake up in a field, covered in blood after the full moon so many times before one believes there to be something amiss.

As such, he’s taken to disappearing on his own around the time of the full moon. While he can’t remember anything that happens during those times, he sometimes has dreams and nightmares regarding the bestial side’s activities. According to some of the old diaries in his mother’s library, he’s figured out that other members of his family have had the same problem, though it’s not quite mentioned – only referenced as a “family curse,” and later as “a genetic problem.” There is a small shack out past the edge of town that’s been abandoned for several years. He keeps some utilitarian black clothing there, several plain black t-shirts and cheap jeans to wear back home in case his clothing is torn to tatters.

He doesn’t really care about the supernatural so much. He’d rather not go through what he goes through every month, but he’s come to accept it. He’s changed into a werewolf twenty-four times now; it’s probably not going away. To his knowledge, he’s never hurt anyone while in his lycanthrope state. He’s also not able to wrap his head around the more obscure texts in his mother’s library, but Aoife seems very interested in them.

Current Thoughts

To be added.

Corey Whelan

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